Email Open Rates: How Do Yours Stack Up?

Take a deeper look into open rates by industry and software. You might be surprised.

“What’s a good email open rate?” That’s a question we hear a lot here at Levitate. Your average open rate can vary by industry and even the software you use to send emails. Here’s a look into how these rates are calculated, why they matter, and different open rates by industry and software.

🔢 How to Calculate Your Open Rate 

Most tools, including Levitate, have reporting capabilities that can easily show your average email open rates overall or by campaign. But if you ever need to calculate it yourself, it’s pretty simple: divide the number of emails opened by the total number of emails sent and multiply by 100 to get the percentage. That’s it!

🤔 Why Do Open Rates Matter? 

Open rates make it easy to see which of your campaigns are the most successful – and which ones you may need to reevaluate. Whether you’re sharing tips, tricks, or even promotional messaging, your emails are only impactful if people are actually seeing them. When they’re opening your emails, it ensures you’re getting your message out and building a connection with your clients. 

📊 Comparison: Average Email Open Rates by Industry 

The graph below shows the average open rates for three popular email marketing tools – Levitate, MailChimp, and Constant Contact – along with their benchmark open rates by industry.

More About Open Rates

After looking at the open rates in the graph, you may be wondering why Levitate’s are so much higher. There are a few reasons:

  1. Levitate emails are sent from your existing email address, not through a third party. That means your emails will actually make it to your recipient’s inbox instead of getting lost in the spam or promotions folder. People can’t open an email they never see.
  1. One often overlooked element of successful email campaigns is subject lines. Our content team uses tried-and-tested subject lines that are proven to garner higher open rates. They are simple, succinct, and never sound spammy. We have a whole blog post about subject lines if you’re interested in getting more tips about those.
  1. We encourage quality over quantity when sending marketing emails. Blasting your clients with generic-feeling emails a few times a week is a good way to get them to mark your emails as spam. With Levitate, your emails look and feel like they were crafted by you specifically for the individual recipient. Your dedicated Success Specialist will also help you set up an email campaign cadence that keeps you top-of-mind, ensuring you don’t miss your chance to connect for key moments like birthdays and holidays, without overdoing it.

So, after seeing those average open rates, how do yours stack up? If you think there’s room for improvement, reach out to us. We’d love to help you authentically keep in touch with your network – and avoid the spam folder.

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