Levitate FAQ

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What is Levitate?
How do I get started?
Why email? What about other ways to keep in touch?
How is this different from Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or other mass blast email providers?
How is it different from my Agency Management System or CRM?
What is your email open rate? Reply rate?
Are there any contracts?
How will I get billed?
Is my information safe?
Is this going to be difficult for me to get set up and my team to be trained?
What does the pricing look like for a business with more than 5 users?

How It Works

How do I upload my new contacts?
What happens to my contacts once I upload them? Are they secure?
Can I use Levitate to send text messages to my contacts?
Will I get to approve or edit my email before it is sent?
How often are my messages sent?
Do I have to create my own content?
Can I add photos, links, or attachments to my emails?
Can I send from multiple email addresses with my Levitate account?

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