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Brian Gleize
Scott Insurance Agency

“Levitate creates personal touch points that aren’t just about sales. The emails I send using the platform generate interest and actually start conversations. My clients will reply, “I’ve been meaning to call you, I got your email and we are getting ready to buy a new house. Give me a call”. I never could have achieved that on my own or through mass-blast email providers!”

Trevor Chambers
Olde Raleigh Financial Group

“Money is personal, and this tool gives you the absolute best fighting chance to build meaningful relationships with clients and prospects. Levitate is the perfect tool for the financial advisory industry.”

Pat Avery
Pat Avery Real Estate

“I used Levitate to do a group send to my clients. The email I sent was short and simple, just wanted to keep in touch. From that one send, I had two referrals come in. I am excited to incorporate this into my business!”

Gina Nelson
Kincaid Insurance Agency

“We have some clients that renew their policy, pay their bill, and go on about their business—but we weren’t engaging with them on a regular basis. We want to make sure that they know we’re here for them and that they can always reach out with questions. Levitate helps us keep our customer communication consistent and fresh, so no one ever falls through the cracks.”

Mike Wolf
KPR Brokers

“We ultimately found Levitate easier for our agents to use, and easier to set up than our previous real estate CRM. Levitate is much more flexible for users to customize and is far more intuitive in its functions. The Levitate Client Success team has been very supportive to ensure that we are getting the most out of our investment.”

Dave Lester
Brown and Brown Nevada Insurance

“Levitate understands that it is in the people business and it happens to use technology, as opposed to many developers who think it’s the opposite. Levitate is still far and away the best marketing tool of any type that I have ever used.”

Mike Lotterhos
Davis Moore Commercial Real Estate

“Levitate helps us focus on what’s important to our business— relationships.”

Brent Lamm
Lamm Insurance Group

“I recently sent a personal email to a few hundred clients and prospects with Levitate just to wish them a Merry Christmas. Within days, I had a ton of replies and new policies to quote—enough to keep me busy for a whole month.”

Alan Sills
Ralph P. Sills Insurance Agency

“This was exactly what I was looking for. Levitate solves the problem of communicating with clients on a personal basis and keeping us top of mind. The results have been great because we actually get replies to our emails— personal notes, thanking us for reaching out.”

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