Levitate Powers Relationships

The best kind of new business? The kind you already have.
Stay top of mind with clients, nurture your network, and re-think how you market with Levitate.

Drive referrals

and repeat business by keeping in touch with clients and prospects


new client onboardings, prospect nurture series, and webinar planning

Drive efficiencies

in the same email and calendar
apps you already use

Nurture referral partners

with a personalized approach

Become a trusted advisor

with educational and timely content

The Keep-in-Touch Marketing Difference


White glove service comes standard.

You don’t have time to worry about marketing—that’s why we’re here. Your Marketing Coach will onboard your team, develop your strategy, and serve as an ongoing resource for your practice.

"The best part of my job is showing my clients how simple it can be to drive organic growth for their practicesgenerating new business from the relationships they already have."

Margot Mueller
Legal Marketing Coach


Quality over quantity.

Our recipe for the best email open rates in the business? Fewer, more personal emails. Our library delivers three times average industry open rates*, with templates so simple and effective that you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time on that last newsletter.

The Review Request

Would you be so kind?

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The Happy Birthday Email

It's true—this is one of our all-time, top-performing templates. Staying top of mind can be as simple as remembering a birthday.

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Estate Planning in 2021

Share guidance on how 2020's tax changes and new legislation in the pipe may impact your clients.

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Our Practice Areas

Are your clients aware of all your practice areas? This customizable template will help you make the most of every client relationship.

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New LLC Client Series

Thank new LLC clients for trusting you with their business, and offer to stay in touch should their friends, family, or network, have similar needs.

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The Check-In

Our two favorite ingredients—short, and sweet—make this a tried and tested winner.

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With us, it's personal.

Our platform uses your everyday email server (like Outlook or Gmail) so your message skips the Promotions folder and looks like a truly personal email.


Your Keep-in-Touch Calendar.

We make it simple and easy to drag, drop, and schedule regular outreach to your clients. Your coach will recommend campaigns that you can review and approve the the click of a button.


Checking In -> Estate Planning Clients

Review and Approve

Small Business Week 2021

A Special Thank You

Review and Approve

Soft Review // Referral Request

Review and Approve


Referral Sources Quarterly Note



Recent Court Decisions and Their Impact



The Right Way to Terminate an Employee



HR Management in a Post-COVID World



Client Success Story


LLC Clients

A Guide—and Warning—for Contracts by Email



Metrics that matter―and your contacts like you’ve never seen them.

See exactly who engages with your emails and enhance contact profiles as much or as little as you like. Levitate Tags and Key Facts make it easy to segment outreach and remember the little things.

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