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Money is personal, so let's keep it that way.

Say goodbye to mass-blast marketing and boilerplate content. Build authentic relationships with your network through our full suite of tools, including tailored email and social content created with compliance in mind.

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Your one-stop-shop for turning happy clients into loyal advocates

Your time is valuable. Streamline company marketing efforts, build authentic connections, and drive real business growth through Levitate's combination of AI-powered software and dedicated support.

Drive Referrals and repeat business by keeping in touch through email, text, social media and handwritten cards.

Remember Key Facts and dates about every contact with our simple tagging and automation capabilities.

Save Time and Money with tried-and-tested financial industry templates, personal-feeling AI-created content and custom content, all written with compliance in mind.

Nurture Your Network with personalized communications curated and scheduled with the help of your Success Specialist.

Work Smarter in the email and calendar apps you already use. Plus, our built-in meeting booking feature eliminates back-and-forth emails.

A better approach, from start to five stars.

White glove service comes standard

You have too much to do and not enough time to do it—that’s why we’re here. Your Success Specialist will onboard your team, develop your strategy, and serve as an ongoing marketing resource for your team.

“I love working with our financial clients to understand their goals and strategize on how to communicate effectively within an industry undergoing constant change. There's nothing more rewarding than hearing how much we have simplified their outreach.”

—Kelly Martyn, Financial Success Specialist

Quality over quantity

Our recipe for the best email open rates in the marketing business? Fewer, more personal emails. Our library delivers three times average industry open rates*, with templates so simple and effective that you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time on that last newsletter.

5 Ways To Protect Against Inflation

Share recommendations that clients can employ to help financially buffer from the effects of inflation.

Top Tips for Managing Debt

Consumer debt impacts almost every American. Provide guidance and offer to connect to develop a get-out-of-debt plan.

The Check-In

Our two favorite ingredients—short and sweet—make this a tried-and-tested winner.

Monthly Financial Market Update

Offer clients an overview of the last month and a look ahead at what's to come.

With us, it's personal

Our platform uses your everyday email server (like Outlook or Gmail), so your message skips the Promotions folder and looks like a truly personal email.

Your content calendar

Get personalized email and social media content recommendations you can review and approve months in advance with the click of a button. We also have an approval process for content that needs to be reviewed for compliance. Not interested in one month’s recommended content? Not a problem–we make it easy to drag, drop, and schedule other relevant templates.





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Get face-to-face with your network.

Get rid of yet another single-use application, and use our meeting booking feature to convert digital communications into face-to-face interactions.

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