The (Real) Magic
Behind Levitate
Our Mission

To make the world a more entrepreneurial and creative place, by building software that helps small businesses grow.

Our Story

Levitate founder Jesse Lipson has always loved creating magic. As a kid, he learned magic tricks. As an adult, the magic comes in the form of innovative software. Having previously founded ShareFile, a secure file-sharing software for small businesses (later acquired by Citrix), Jesse made the observation that the people and companies he gave repeat business to were the ones who did a good job of keeping in touch and staying top of mind; but most small businesses didn’t have the time. He looked at the available marketing and CRM software out there, but it was all made for large product-oriented businesses; not the nuanced needs of service-focused small businesses that rely on relationships to grow, or even just survive.

In 2017, Jesse designed a CRM-light system with relationship-based businesses in mind. Originally focused on keep-in-touch reminders and personal key facts to start, Levitate morphed into an email marketing tool that focused on genuine and personal outreach, at scale. Over time, the product expanded into offering texting, social media, AI content creation, surveys, dedicated success specialists, award winning support and other features. In less than 5 years, Levitate has grown to over 150 employees, over 4,500 customers and boasts email open rates 2-3x higher than other email marketing platforms… and the magic doesn’t stop there.



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