Surveys & Review Generation

The most effective way to get feedback and reviews? Ask.

Get valuable feedback and 5-star reviews at the same time with our innovative survey feature.


Whether through a survey or email template, asking for feedback can be done in seconds and also automated to ensure you’re getting feedback & new reviews regularly


With everything sent and tracked through Levitate, you don’t have to log in multiple places to get results


See how your clients are feeling and use their feedback to improve your business and retain clients

Discover your Client Happiness Score™

Designed with small businesses in mind, our exclusive small business surveying tool will help you keep a pulse on every client. The best part? We’ll share industry benchmarks so you can take advantage of lessons learned from peers in your industry.

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Turn happy clients into glowing reviews

Automatically prompt clients to leave a review if they give you a 4-star or higher survey rating, making it simple for them and more likely that they’ll leave a great review for you! You can even manage your Google My Business responses through Levitate.

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Case Study

Susquehanna Insurance

Using the subject line “Would you be so kind?” 
Susquehanna Insurance went from 43 to 239 5-star Google reviews with annual emails from Levitate

All-time results with Levitate

  • 186% increase in 5-star Google reviews from first Levitate campaign in year 1 — from 43 to 123

  • 94.3% increase in 5-star Google reviews in year 2 — totaling 239 reviews

  • 470% increase in organic website traffic as a result of the Google reviews campaign


What is Levitate?

Levitate is a marketing platform designed to help relationship-based businesses grow through engaging and meaningful outreach. We enable you to send personalized, authentic emails at scale (content templates included!), post and schedule to multiple social media platforms, generate reviews, send client happiness surveys, remember key facts about your contacts, set up customized reminders to reach out, automate your marketing, mail handwritten cards, schedule meetings with a click, and more, helping you accomplish business goals with a personalized approach.

Learn more about how Levitate works here, or better yet -- schedule a demo with one of our team members for a tailored walk-through.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to schedule a customized demo with one of our team members.  If you’d prefer to take a peek at the platform first, you can sign up for a free trial on any of our plans via our Plans page.

Is email marketing really that effective?

According to a recent study by Twilio SendGrid, 97% of people -- across generations --consider email to be essential, followed by text messages and social media.  At Levitate, we are big believers in the power and return on investment for email marketing done right.  It’s the most affordable, personal way to manage real relationships with your network when you’ve got the right tool in your corner.

How is this different from Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or other mass blast email providers?

Email service providers like Mailchimp and Constant Contact are designed for a single purpose: sending mass-blast emails.  Levitate is a relationship nurturing platform that includes marketing coaching, pre-written content templates, contact management features, AI-created content, automations, reminders, and more.  Unlike mass blast email providers, emails sent through the Levitate platform use your every day email server (Gmail or Outlook) so emails look and feel like a one-to-one, personal email.  This is one of the reasons why our customers’ emails average 60%+ open rates compared to 20% using mass blast tools.

How is it different from my Agency Management System or CRM?

Levitate complements (and in some cases, integrates with) a number of CRMs, Agency Management Systems, and Practice Management Systems across various industries. While every management system is different, we find Levitate provides the most added value in the areas of content planning/marketing support, managing key facts and dates to help personalize contacts, and the ability to execute keep-in-touch email marketing campaigns that flow through your everyday email server--including robust reporting and analytics.  Check out our Features page for a full list of ways we can add value to your business alongside your management system.

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