Welcome to the Family, Texting. You’re Gonna Love It Here.

Levitate welcomes texting to help users deepen client relationships and enhance keep-in-touch marketing efforts.

Cayce Finley
November 2, 2021

When clients ask, we listen.  Following on the heels of our HTML newsletters and meeting scheduling tool launches, we’re thrilled to announce our newest and most highly-anticipated feature — Keep-In-Touch Texting

Now, Levitate users have one more tool in their already-robust marketing toolbox to fuel meaningful relationships and stay connected with prospects and clients. When you think about it, Levitate + Texting is a perfect fit. Here’s why:

As with all communication types — including texting — we encourage clients to embrace our down-to-earth, casual approach to marketing. Here’s our philosophy:

  1. Choose quality over quantity: From list size to the number of messages you send, it’s the quality of your interactions that matters, not volume.
  2. Give clients value: “The Golden Rule” of keep-in-touch marketing? Don’t send anything you wouldn’t want to see in your own inbox or text feed.
  3. Be authentic and consistent. Relationships are built over time. Make staying in touch a part of your daily routine. You’ll see results, pinky promise.

Sample Text Messages in Action

Wondering the types of texts Levitate users are sending? Here are a few sample messages getting rave reviews:

  • Send a personal birthday text: “Hey Dawn! It’s Jake from Peacock Insurance. Happy birthday!”
  • Welcome a new client with a personalized text: “Hey Dawn! It’s Jake from Peacock Insurance. Just wanted to say thanks for choosing us. This is my number. Please text if you need anything.”
  • Ask for Google reviews: “We’re so happy to hear that you’re satisfied with our service. If you get a minute, we’d greatly appreciate a Google review!” Easily include a link to Google reviews in your text.
  • Book a meeting: “Hey David, I would love to schedule a meeting with you. Use the link below to find a time that works for you.” (Levitate Texting + Levitate Meeting Scheduling = Marketing Success!) 

Already a Levitate user and ready to give texting a try? Here’s how to get started.

  1. Levitate will provide a unique phone number for you to text with (calls are not supported). To request a number, go to the "Texting" section in your Levitate account. Once assigned, it’s always displayed in the top left-hand corner.
  2. Start texting by clicking on the blue button next to your phone number. You may type in a name to search for a contact.
  3. You can send attachments (PNGs, PDFs, JPGs) with your text using the paperclip icon. The attachment size is limited to 500KB.
  4. Manage your texting notifications by going to “Settings” under your name on the top-right hand corner and scrolling to the notification section.
  5. If you are the admin of your account, you can automate text messages and choose to send a text instead of an email for certain clients. Remember to keep email as a backup, though, in case there is no SMS-capable phone number on file.

To learn more, check out our Webinar recording or help desk article. If you have questions or need additional support, give your Success Coach a call. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the latest feature added to our keep-in-touch family!

Not a Levitate user? Let’s work on that.

If you’re not a Levitate user but want to learn more, we’d love to chat. Schedule a demo today.

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Welcome to the Family, Texting. You’re Gonna Love It Here.
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