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AJ McDonald
August 4, 2020

Welcome to the new Levitate blog, KIT (Keep In Touch)! If you’re reading this, chances are you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, ready to market your business and grow, but...you aren’t a marketer. You’ve got great business acumen that’s gotten you where you are today, and you know you need to start reaching more people and getting new customers – all while keeping up with the clients you already have. It can quickly become overwhelming and you’ve probably asked questions like: 

  • How can I stay top of mind with my clients? 
  • How can I grow my business without a big marketing budget, or team of people?
  • I’m tired of cold calling. How can I attract new customers in a more personal way?  
  • How often should I email my customers?  
  • I’m not a writer.  How do I know what to say in my emails? 

Fret not, these are common questions nearly every entrepreneur, in any industry, asks when they’re ready to take their business to the next level. KIT is your resource to help you better understand how to grow your business, at scale, without the marketing jargon, in plain people-speak. In fact, we’ve built our business on a mission to help small businesses grow through the power of simple, keep-in-touch tactics you’ll learn about in posts to come.

Our blog will help you cut through the ocean of marketing noise and stand out with data-backed tips, interviews with experts, customer spotlights, tutorials, feature updates, and maybe even some chances to win cool stuff.

But, who the heck are we? Building relationship-based businesses with smart, intuitive technology is in our DNA. Levitate was founded by the same folks who created ShareFile (acquired by Citrix in 2011) that helps over 50,000 small businesses securely share files for everything from real estate to insurance to finance and more. Our founder, Jes Lipson, picked up on how much businesses across the board were struggling to keep in touch with their customers in an authentic way, and founded Levitate on a mission to help them.

Consumers today are empowered with more choice than ever – all just a couple clicks away. It isn’t about the product or service you’re selling anymore, but about the quality of your relationships with your clients. Creating memorable connections, personalized to their needs and characteristics, keeps you top of mind -- and that’s exactly how you’ll win in today’s noisy, mass-blast email marketing world. 

Think about your own email inbox. How many emails land in your spam folder? How many does Google auto-sort into promotions? Our research shows that a whopping 80% of emails get flagged as junk. It’s easy for anyone to become overwhelmed by graphics-heavy marketing emails trying to sell you something--and that’s why we decided to reinvent email marketing for small businesses.  Here, you’ll learn how to build real relationships with clients and prospects and be a company they remember. We can’t wait to help.

There’s a lot to come.  In the meantime--keep in touch!

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