Introducing: Social Media Through Levitate

Meghan Hardy
February 10, 2023

One of our most requested features is live! Learn social media best practices and how to get started in Levitate.

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool for small businesses. In fact, social media has even been shown to lead to stronger customer relationships. According to Fundera, customers who engage with a business on social media spend up to 40% more with them in the long term.

Here at Levitate, we love helping small businesses create and nurture relationships, so adding a social media feature to our platform was a no-brainer. Especially since we know our customers are busy and typically don’t have the time or resources needed to manage a social presence. That’s where Lev comes in.

Before we get into the social feature itself, here are some social media basics to help you get started. 

Social Media 101

❔ Why You Should Use It

You can use social media to nurture existing relationships and get your company in front of potential new customers using content that is humorous, engaging, and educational. Many people also look to social media for timely news and business updates, which is a great reason to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. The best part of social is that it makes it easy for your current customers to share your business with their network (gotta love that word-of-mouth marketing!).

⏰ How Often to Post

Social media can be a large undertaking, especially for small businesses, so we recommend posting roughly once a week in the beginning. Once you’ve mastered the basics, and time and resources permitting, consider moving up to 2-3 posts per week as an ideal cadence. Of course, you can always do more than that if you have the resources, but 2-3 posts per week is enough to keep a consistent drumbeat of content that helps your business stay top-of-mind with customers. 

📱 What to Post

Social media tends to be a less formal type of communication, making it an excellent avenue for engaging with a broad audience. People are generally looking for two things on social media: to learn something new or to be entertained. With this in mind, we recommend focusing on content that shares holiday greetings, seasonal changes, employee spotlights, tips and tricks, or interesting statistics. Also, humor goes a long way when entertaining in social media so this can be a safe place to show your personality if you’re in an industry where your other email and marketing communications need to be more formal.

📈 How to Grow Your Followers

The best way to grow your social media following is to start with your existing clients! Letting them know that you have a social media presence and encouraging them to follow your accounts can give you a great baseline to build upon. Consider adding links to your social media accounts on your website and in your email signature. You can even add signage to your office if your clients frequently visit you there. From there, posting engaging content and utilizing hashtags strategically will help boost your follower count! Also, don’t be afraid to ask your clients in the copy to share the post - most people are happy to do it when they see a friendly request.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about the basics of social media, here’s more about the new social media feature in Levitate. (It’s so simple to use, there’s really not much we have to show!)

Using Levitate’s Social Media Feature 

Step 1: Find Your Content

Just like our email content, we have a library of ready-made social posts for you to use - images included! You can also create your own posts from scratch or have custom social posts made as part of your Levitate subscription.

Step 2: Post To Your Channels

Once you’ve picked your content, it will open in the scheduler and you can edit the content or image, if you want. From there, you schedule your post to go live at a certain date & time or have it published immediately. That’s it! You just scheduled a social media post in record time!

As you can see, we’ve made our social media feature with you - the busy small business owner - in mind. It’s simple, yet effective, and sure to be a great complement to your other keep-in-touch marketing and customer happiness efforts. If you’d like to learn more or see a demo, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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