Custom Content for Your One-of-a-Kind Clients

Cayce Finley
February 24, 2023

Our custom content service supplements an expansive content library. So if our clients don't see what they need, we write it for them.

Levitate customers enjoy unlimited access to a pre-written email and social media library full of industry-specific content that’s editable and ready to send. From templates about current events and industry news to content for holidays, birthdays, and simple check-ins, Lev customers almost always find what they’re looking for inside our searchable library of hundreds of templates. 

Our customers and their clients, though, are one-of-a-kind, and sometimes they need something a tad different than what’s found in our library. Enter the Levitate custom content service. 

Why custom content…and when?

When Levitate customers request a custom social or email template, they receive the help of a professional content writer who gets to know their business by exploring their brand and copy style. The content specialist will also meet with the customer, if needed, and then craft an email and/or social post that’s “made to personal order.” 

Here are just a few recent examples across various industries when customers have taken advantage of our custom content feature:

  • A mortgage customer wanted to send a tailored email to his real estate agent referral network.
  • A P&C insurance customer wanted to check in on clients after a line of tornadoes had torn through their community doing millions in damage.
  • A legal customer wanted to announce to his network that a new partner was joining the firm. 
  • A real estate customer wanted to send a buying and selling forecast specific to her town ahead of the fall season. 
  • A financial customer requested a series of three email templates to use for his quarterly webinars: an invite, a reminder, and a follow-up. 

All paid Levitate accounts have access to our pre-written content library; however, Client Happiness Plan users receive four custom content templates per year. Additional custom content can be purchased a la carte. 

Want to see custom content in action? We got you.

We don’t just want to tell you about our custom content feature. We’re happy to show you what it looks like up close:

¿Tus clientes hablan español? If you have clients who prefer Spanish (or any other language!), we’re more than happy to translate our existing templates into the language you need.

If breaking news or legislative changes happen in your area that might impact your network, let your Success Specialist know. Your specialist can talk with you about the best approach and then one of our content specialists will take it from there. In just a few days (sometimes wayyy less), you’ll have an email ready to share with contacts. That’s the magic of Levitate — share the latest without having to find the time to write it yourself.

Lev’s content library + custom content = client happiness

Customers who receive access to our vast content library and our custom content feature finally experience the bliss of easily keeping in touch with their clients. You don’t have to write everything in-house. Levitate is the answer for making your clients happy and your day-to-day less stressful; our custom content feature is just one more way Lev users power authentic relationships. 

Already a Levitate customer and ready to dial up a custom piece? Reach out to your Success Specialist today. 

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Custom Content for Your One-of-a-Kind Clients
Our custom content service supplements an expansive content library. So if our clients don't see what they need, we write it for them.