Put Your Network to Work With Levitate

Relationships are the lifeblood of your nonprofit, from the donors and sponsors that help fund your work to the volunteers or members that make it possible.

At Levitate, we combine AI-powered software with dedicated Success Specialists to help you engage and expand your network in support of your organization’s mission.

Bolster Fundraising

through a strategic donor engagement plan, made with the help of your Success Specialist.


communications, contacts, and meeting booking in a single platform.

Create Conversations

through authentic, pre-written emails and social media posts.

Nurture Relationships

with personalized emails that skip the spam and promotions folders and never feel mass-blast.


routine touchpoints, so you never miss an outreach opportunity.

Keeping In Touch, Made Easy.


White glove service comes standard.

You have too much to do and not enough time to do it—that’s why we’re here. Your Success Specialist will onboard your team, develop your strategy, and serve as an ongoing marketing resource for your team.

“Like my clients, I have a real passion for nonprofit work. That makes it all the more rewarding to regularly see client outreach translate into more donor, volunteer, or member support.”

Bryan Warwick
Nonprofit Success Specialist


With us, it's personal.

Our platform uses your everyday email server (like Outlook or Gmail), so your message skips the Promotions folder and looks like a truly personal email.


Quality over quantity.

Our recipe for the best email open rates in the marketing business? Fewer, more personal emails. Our library delivers three times average industry open rates*, with templates so simple and effective that you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time on that last newsletter.

Media Outreach- Story Idea

Looking to increase your nonprofit’s visibility? Reach out to your media contacts and let them know you have a story idea.

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Reminder: Our Mission, Services

Is everyone in your network aware of everything you offer? Tell your story and share ways to get involved.

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The Check-In

Our two favorite ingredients—short, and sweet—make this a tried and tested winner.

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Giving Tuesday: Message of Thanks

Send a message of thanks for your community’s support, and offer opportunities to participate in this annual day of good.

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The Happy Birthday Email

It's true—this is one of our all-time, top-performing templates. Staying top of mind can be as simple as remembering a birthday.

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Streamline volunteer communication.

Easily schedule and automate texts to volunteers, staff, or other key contacts through our built-in texting feature. We’ll even help you create a unique phone number with your area code if you need one.


Your keep-in-touch calendar.

We make it simple and easy to drag, drop, and schedule regular outreach to your donors, volunteers, or members. Your specialist will recommend campaigns that you can review and approve with the click of a button.



Giving Tuesday: Message of Thanks

Review and Approve


Board Member Prospecting

Review and Approve


Fundraising Campaign Results

Review and Approve


Tax Benefits of Nonprofit Donations



Happy Mother's Day



Past Corporate Sponsor Check-In



Nonprofit Spring Update



Fundraising Campaign



Exciting News: Press Release


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